I have a question about MRDD facilities hiring LPN"s

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    does anyone know if MRDD facilities hire LPN's I live in N.Y. I was told that years ago LPN's were hired to work with the MRDD population but they have been replaced by R.N. Is this true?

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    I would say it would probably depend on the facility. The agency I work for has hired LPN's for some positions but must have RN's in other positions. Good luck.
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    May I ask what agency?
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    Depends on your state requirements. I work for an agency that have group homes and waiver homes. All staff nurses are LPN,s but we have a DON who is a RN. The agency I work for is in 38 states and 5 countries. But from what my understanding it varies from state to state.I have been doing this for 11 years.
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    Sure.. ResCare. I believe we are in New york, but not 100 % sure. We have a web site you can check out.. WWW.ResCare,com. Hope that helps
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    thank you nursepjs50 for the information
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    Your Welcome.. I hope that help you.
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    Before college, I worked in an IRA (individualized residential alternative...aka "group home") operated by a voluntary agency in NY. As a residential staff member, we were trained to administer medication to our residents under the license of a RN. At the agency where I worked most recently, we used all RNs in our IRAs, and a RN supervised the respite facility.
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    It depends on you states and agency's requirements.I am an LPN and have been working in group homes for 11 years. We also have over 60 Waiver sites which all have LPN'S. We have one RN who is our DON. I am in Indiana, but the company I am with has sites in 38 states and 5 countries. Good luck in your search...

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