First official nursing position at AUSSLC, Formerly 'Austin State School'

  1. This is my first nursing position. I have no experience in the nursing field and no nurse family members. I was just wondering if anyone has worked for AUSSLC or a state school before and what their opinion was. I start orientation on Monday and I don't know what to expect. It seems like an amazing opportunity, but the responsibility that comes with working with developmental disability has me a little nervous. Does anyone have any advice?
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  3. by   PerfectlyPlump

    How is it going in your new job? I, too, have worked at a state supported living center. I was also a new nurse, and I learned a lot that has helped me in my current work setting. At first I was afraid of the residents, but the direct care staff were usually supportive and helpful, as were many of my nurse co-workers. My days there were seldom dull, as we had clients with erratic behaviors, respiratory issues, diabetes, injuries, suicide threats, wounds, seizures etc.

    How are you getting along? You are welcome to PM me if desired.