DDNA Certification

  1. Looking for a study buddy for certification! I live in Rockland County, NY and want to get certified. Anyone certified already that can recommend where and what materials you used for cerification.
    Thanks for your feedback
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  3. by   rotteluvr31
    I'd like to be your study buddy, but I'm 4,000 miles away
    I'm also interested in a recommendation for a good study text. Did you sit in on the webinar about certification?
  4. by   jdd112
    I recently got certified!

    I bought the book "Core Curriculum for Specializing in Intellectual and Developmental Disability" by Wendy Nehring. It's really great for studying. I don't know what all I am allowed to say, but if I did it all over again, I would focus a lot more on specific cause and effect type of things... like if a person has Y syndrome and takes X med, what labs should you watch? Not sure if that makes sense... Another thing that was really helpful (but I can't find them now that the DDNA website has changed) were the powerpoints from past conferences.
  5. by   rotteluvr31

    and thanks for the study tip. Time for me to get busy!