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How would that certification help me as an RN? I presently work with disabled children in their homes, and have worked with adults in a facility, and may again. Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from SuzieVN
    What I am seeing is that more and more, a nursing license continues to lose its status, not to mention pay is dropping constantly. Yet another 'certificate'? Does it never end? Isn't a nursing license a license to be a nurse any longer? LPN, no- go RN. But if your'e an RN, keep going to BSN. But maybe get a doctorate. Then get a PICC certificate, but be sure you have your ACLS, first. On and on. More and more, for less and less $ and stability? Am I the only one lost in space? Anyway- I'll craft and then post a list of the 'credentials' that I've seen so far...we can all then see how insane it is. Still- every day I hear nurses in here say 'further your education'.

    As far as DD- aren't a nursing license, and a human heart, and common sense, and compassion, (not to mention that most nurses are females with child experience) enough 'credentials' to deal with such an unfortunate population? I'm honestly becoming embarassed.
    Suzy - I somewhat agree with you. Nurses used to be respected for their license alone. Those days seem to be disappearing. I got my certification because even though I worked in the field, I didn't think I knew enough about this population. So yes, I get to add some more letters behind my name but I think it made me better equipped to work with the individuals we support.
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    Think of it this way - supply and demand. There used to be a huge shortage of nurses but not so much anymore. Employers can get picky and expect more for less. Things will change if the economy improves.
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    I would love to learn more about this. I work in a LTC facility for adults with various DDs. I've been looking to specialize in this field but was unaware there was such a nsg designation.
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    Check out the the Developmental Disability Nursing Association website at www.ddna.org

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