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Hi everyone, I will be graduating nursing school in 2006, and right now am just kinda feeling my way around, and trying to get as much information from experienced nurses in my different fields of... Read More

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    I have worked in the DD field for about 14 years.. my background is nursing home for 3 years and Rehab in the hospital for 3 years before I found the DD field to be my calling. Yes the stress is just as much.. finding docs that will take DD patinets etc.. but It's the best job I have ever had and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The rewards more than make up for the crappy wages.. LOL This is why I am a nurse... and it is the best!
    What you have to decide is what yur choice of "specialty" is going to be and be willing to sacrifce some part.
    A typical day can make your hair go grey.. but one smile or hug from a client will more than make up for the stress you are feeling

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    Hi there
    I've been in the MR/DD business for 11 years and have hired many nurses. While I prefer those with experience I have hired without and it has worked out just as nicely. Having some med surg background would serve you well but not necessary. Because this type of nursing is very much autonomous, the more knowledge you have, the better.
    I hope that helps

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