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I have become just a little discouraged with the nursing school, everywhere I read people say how hard it is and how demanding, my question is I work full time can I do it? Is it really as bad as people make it out to be, any... Read More

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    I'm a nursing instructor so I have a different outlook. Yes, you will need a support system, family, etc....Are you going to an ADN or BSN program? Our program is an ADN and very intense. We have an absentee policy so our students have to attend. In fact, if they didn't I'm not sure how they would make it. You need to set aside time to read and do homework assignments. I used to put my 1 yr old daughter in my lap and read my book aloud to her like it was one of her books. You may want to talk to your nursing instructors and see what answers they give you. Anyway, I hope all goes well and look forward to having another nurse....

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    After re-reading your posts, are you going to work full-time and go to school? Just want to clarify.
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    I, unfortunately have no choice but to work full time, I am the bread winner and it sucks, in addition school is also full time but I have some pre-req's to handle before I can take my nursing courses and I am going for the Associates first.

    Quote from obrnteacher
    After re-reading your posts, are you going to work full-time and go to school? Just want to clarify.
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    So you see, here you have 2 very different opinions with 2 different methods that have been successful for each. What you may conclude, is that each person has a different path that works for them. I say find your own path, and trust your own voice... especially the one that is telling you that you will be fullfilled in this career. Everything else is debatable.

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    honestly, i dont think it is. Nursing is critical thinking and common sense. That comes naturally to me, i was never one of those 3.99999999999999 GPA students who memorize everything on a page from a book and get an A on every test. However, jsut b/c nursing school isnt structured like anything eles, i find myself excelling b/c the tests require you to think. Not cram and memorize. As far as working going, i would say it is possible... IF your job allows you to be able to study while your there. Thats the only reason it has worked for me thus far.
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