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Hello, I applied for a clinical seat last week but could not get any info regarding on how many applicants applied and how many clinical seats they actually offer. Even for last year numbers! Can somebody tell me I am just... Read More

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    Congrats Ladies, unfortunately the rumor is real I am one of the 13. Well I have good grades and GPA but cannot score good enough on the NLN.

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    Thank god I got my letter yesterday!! I was going to freak out!! And what do you mean unfortunately the rumor is true?? If you got in with 13 points, you still got in and those points are all behind us now! Congrats to everybody
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    Meaning that I did not get a seat...I was wondering why you guys were worried with a 16 or a 15? You already knew you were in, this is just my personal opinion. I sometimes do not understand where the panic comes from? I don't mean to be negative but this is making people like me feel bad to read such things. Congrats again!
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    Certainly didn't mean to make anyone feel bad. In my case, I had conflicting information regarding which score they took from my NLN, which could have made a difference in a point. And, you just never know if you've done all you should have to turn everything in properly until you have the actual letter in your hand. And, I also heard there were a LOT of 16 pointers...so you just never know.
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    I'm sorry you didn't get in!! I was so worried because fall was my first semester at dtcc and I knew the process to get in to clinicals was really competitive, but that is pretty much all I knew. My husband is deployed right now and I have two little kiddos under 3. I transferred most of the classes needed from Wesley, but in the next few years I'm going to need to finish my degree and get a "real" job so i pretty much had one shot at the clinical gig. My cousin goes to the Wilmington campus and found out on Saturday night that she got in and when I looked on here and people were getting their letters days before me I thought I blew it even with 15 points. That really stinks that it's so hard to get in, but I hope your situation permits you to give it another try if that's what you want to do!
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    Thank you for you replies ladies....I am sorry for my negative thoughts...I am a bit older as well I transferred from another community college (hubby got relocated) and because of this I had to retake 5 classes and I wasted a lot of time (a year). I have 2 litttle ones as well. I am mainly struggling with my vocabulary (english is my second language) and I am pretty slow in maths...Well I will work harder and hope to be selected next time around. If you have any tips on how to study more efficiently please share (even in pm.)

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