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    I applied to the Terry campus. I wasn't told of a waiting list or the new standards. Can you please explain this to me? How difficult is it to get in? I overheard that their LPN grads get first preference into the RN program. Is this true? I feel like I'm in the dark. Appreciate any info.
    You should speak to an advisor in order to get a run down on what is required at DTCC Terry Campus nursing program.
    To answer your question there isn't a waiting list any more because they got rid of it this past January and at the same time they change their standards. These changes mean you have to reapply every year during the enrollment period and hope your grades and NLN score is high enough to grab one of the very limited amount of seats available at Terry Campus. In other words, if you don't get an "A" in the following classes A&P I, A&P II, and Clinical math along with achieving a high NLN score. Don't automatically expect them to have a clinical seat waiting for you. What some people are doing is taking A&P I and A&P II over again (even though they already passed it) in order to get an "A". They are doing this in order to increase their point total so they can beat out other students for clinical seats.

    With these new standards implemented in January at Terry Campus. Its very possible that hypothetically speaking a student with "B" and "C" grades in A&P I, A&P II, Clinical math plus a low NLN score may NEVER get a clinical seat! On the same token, a person with all "B" grades along with an average NLN score may be left reapplying 2-3 times before they get a seat. All these possibilities in turn makes DTCC Terry Campus ultra competitive because nobody wants to use 5+ years to attain an associates degree .

    LPN grads have their own clinical program and their own alotted clinical seats. So thats probably why it may be a little easier to get in. That is all I know about that program.
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  2. by   Homemaker4now
    Thanks MIC for the info. I know Terry campus has a ruberic because I spoke with an advisor. She told me that I have a good chance in getting in because I have all A's(A&P I & II, clinical math, Micro). I have to take the NLN soon. However, I am applying to other RN programs as well. I would like to get into Terry because of the evening program. It works out because I have a family.
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    Homemaker4now, just make sure you focus on the NLN. But, I'm sure you'll make the clinical list. Because I don't know anybody who has all "A" grades in MicroBiology, Clinical Math, A&P I, and A&P II. I'm sure there are some that do have those same grades, but not many. You are very smart by applying to other programs at the same time. This will leave you with options. My wife and I are doing the evening clinical program also. It was a natural fit for both of our schedules. Even though it takes longer to complete clinicals if you opt for the evening program.

    And BTW what is a ruberic??
  4. by   Homemaker4now
    What I was told that the higher the score on the ruberic like a 16 is good. For example, if you get an A in A&P I you get a 4, B get a 3, C you get a 2. You get this score for your A&P's & Applied Clinical Mathematics. However, for English Comp.& Critical Reading & Thinking you get 1 point. The NLN also gets a points value from 2-6 depending on your composite.The higher the score the better. I met a Delaware student applying to a program over here NJ at GCC is accepting apps. for the LPN to RN. She told me it's too hard to get into DelTech. I just pray I get in because I really need the evening program.
  5. by   MIC!
    Getting into the evening clinical program is not as hard as getting into the day clinical program. Because most people prefer to go to school during the day. While people who have full time jobs, family, and otherwise difficult schedules choose evening clinical program. And as you already know some of the student body either live with their parents or have no responsibilities during the day.
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    I'm at Stanton Campus DTCC. It wasn't too hard so far, but they say it gets a LOT harder after 141 and 142.
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    If you are starting from the beginning, definitely go to DTCC to do your pre-requisites. They are cheaper and easier to score A's. But after that, you should apply to a BSN program, just because you will be more prestigious. Most hospitals are trying to get rid of the Associate degree nurses, so if you are looking for a secure spot, I highly recommend applying to a BSN program, let it be Jefferson, Neumann, etc. Good luck to all