DCCC Students..A Question!

  1. Did you guys attend the information session? Was it especailly helpful?

    Also, what was your score on reading comprehension (NET) if you were accepted? Is 70 enough to get in or is it just enough to quailfy to apply?

    And was there an application fee?

    thank you!
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  3. by   lillypad274
    It sounds like you are talking about applying to the nursing program before you take your preclinicals.

    If you are talking about the nursing information session before your preclinicals, I believe attendance is required in order to apply to the Nursing Program. It will also help you understand about the ranking system and will also give you a general feel of what is expected of you and what is not tolerated, etc.

    I don't remember what a score of 70 would mean, but if you have any difficulty with critical thinking and comprehension, it is best to get a good solid background in reading skills before you get bogged down in Anatomy and Psychology courses, because those science courses move really fast with a LOT of tedious reading. THe more skills you have in reading, the better grades you will make if you work hard, I think, so if you have some weaknesses in math or reading, slow down and get the help you need before you realize how hard it gets. I'm a good reader, but the amount of material and the reading skills to read it are demanding. Detail is important--especially with anatomy phys.

    Application fee: It's been several years, but there was a DelTech registration fee for classes and also a nursing school application fee. They will tell all of that stuff in the orientation, so yes, orientation is a good place to get more info and also you can ask to consult with someone at the school about what to do for what scores you have on testing.