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I loved reading the other posts (neuro, pediatric, general nursing). I thought that we in the ICUs/CCUs could come up with a good list too.... I'll start it off with what I can think of off the top of my head... (I'm in CVICU for... Read More

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    -When you respond to a code on a regular floor and the pt is white and in rigor, you ask the nurse when was the last time he/she saw the patient and the answer is always an "hour ago". In your mind your rolling your eyes and saying "suuuuuuurrrre"

    -When you come in see that both your pts are intubated and sedated, you know you have hit the jackpot.

    -Best pt ever is the guy in a pentobarb coma with orders to crank up sedation/analgesia drips for high ICPs and lots of PRNs for mannitol, 3% Saline, and other goodies with standing orders spelling out exactly what needs to happen when **** hits the fan. Also strict orders for the pt not to be moved in the bed unless absolutely necessary.

    -When the night surgery resident keeps asking what he/she needs to order

    -Frustrated when the hospitialist thinks restraints for intubated pt is not necessary

    -When you have one uber-critical pt who is circling the drain, you pull a portable computer into the room with a chair and chart in the room. Also on instinct you pull the crash cart outside the room because you just know any time the post-MVC is going to go into PEA or loose their BP.

    -You dread a STAT CT at 0600 and when you have EKG changes you go ahead and draw morning labs early and tell the doc after their sent

    -Visiting hours and rules that are not enforced drive you up the wall

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    when you can change diprivan tubing quick enough to keep the OD vented pt from waking up
    when less than two empty lumens make you nervous
    when you can smell a DKAer from outside your unit
    when you see a sedated pt with a rectal tube, aline, central line, foley, OG to suction and think, this is going to be an easy night!!
    when you hear a pt ring the call light you think, they aren't sick enough for the ICU!
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    ..when you know that the weight-based pressors start with the letter 'D'...

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