Wireless EKG/ECG Monitoring

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    I was at work the other day and several of us were discussing the idea of inventing a wirelss EKG monitor to free up patient movement and ease our stressors of tangled wires, not to mention decrease the risk of infection. I started to research it (Google) and found a pretty cool invention utilizing this thought process.

    See http://www.lifesynccorp.com/products...ss-system.html

    Its pretty cool, I think. I'd like to try it out. I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Has anyone ever heard/seen this before? Does it work just as good? Do you think it will get popular?


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    i work in a telemetry unit as a monitor tech and we use something similar. it seems to work fine the main problem we have is making sure they don’t get lost because they are big $$. we have gowns with pockets that they fit in and pt complain about the weight of the box sitting on their chest. but they work well and i can watch the ekgs while they are going to and from ct and other test. this is the unit we use. http://www.medical.philips.com/main/...ucts/telemetry
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    That is similar. I want to have/have invented something where all you need to have actually on the patient are 5 easily applied and removed RedDots with tiny transmitters that trasmit each particular rythm to a tele-type-of-box, which is hooked up directly to the monitor. This will free up patient movement and relieve the stress of dealing with all those wires and stuff. I'm just saying...

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