Which ICU job to take?

  1. 0 I am a new grad with previous experience in multiple ICUs, include CV, MS, and Neuro, at a level II trauma center. I have recently been offered two jobs. I am so thankful and lucky to have options, but I'm having difficulty deciding! The first job is in an ICU (mixed patients) at a level II trauma center that requires a 16 month internship with a 3 year commitment. The second job is in an SICU that is not a trauma center with a year commitment.
    Pros and Cons? Suggestions?
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    Are you experienced or new grad? Was unsure.

    I would go with the level II trauma center for the variety and complexity of cases.
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    I'm a new grad with tech experience only in ICUs. I was leaning more towards the trauma center, but I'm hesitant because of the commitment. It's located in an area that I wanted to move out of.
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    The 16 month internship is a godsend in these hard times. I wouldn't pass up that opportunity quickly.
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    that's so true! thank you!
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    I would take the level II trauma center. Seems like you will get a better experience. What happens if you leave before the 3 years? Does the 16 months count?

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