What do I say?

  1. I am going to a Job fair for a hospital system next Tuesday. I am applying for their ICU internships at 4 hospitals in the system. I think we have a couple minutes with the nurse manager. What should I say to the manager in those couple minutes that will make an impression. I plan on meeting/calling the managers but would love to be able to set up a day at the fair.

    I have a really nice resume/business cards prepared and references.

    Some thing like. "Hi how are you doing today?" Shake hands. "My name is Jackie and I am a nursing student graduating in may and will apply to X hospital for the ICU internship in January for the ICU. I Love and am very passionate about caring for critical patients. I have rotated through the ICU in school in addition to caring for critically ill patients at my job as a PCT in the ED. I've cared for patients ranging from codes, stemis, stokes, traumatic brain injuries and trauma patients. I have thousands of volunteer work in my community and am a member of the AACN. When I am not volunteering in my community I am studying critical care books and EBP literature. I would love to met with you in person to tour the unit and meet the staff if possible. I am available X days. Lets exchange business cards and set up a day?"

    This sounds cheezy I guess. I dunno know what to say. I wanted to get the things that make me stand out which is my ED experience, ACLS, PALS, AACN membership, volunteer experience, studying critical care and clinical refrences. My classess for school are inside the continuing education center which is attached to the hospital (old children's hospital). Should I mention this? What should I say here? Thanks
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