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    I am a new nurse finishing up my orientation for ICU. I'm a bit say the least. There used to be a class offered; Critical care essentials, for those new to the specialty. I can only find the class in other states. I found out that Laura Gasparis Vonfolio is coming to the area to do a CCRN review course. I heard she's great. I just need to know if anyone has went to this review course and think it may be useful for a new nurse trying to learn more about ICU nursing.

    Just to be clear... I'm not interested in taking CCRN, I am a new nurse. I just want a good review, to be better educated. Does anyone think this would be a good review for that? Or do you think it may be over my head? Or is it focused on test taking strategies for CCRN.

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    You will learn a SO much from her course. She makes things fun and teaches you ways to remember the material. Also, you will laugh a great deal. I highly recommend the course, I took it years ago.
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    I took her course about 15 yrs ago for my CCRN prep and it was a great course. She is hysterical and gives you fun ways to learn things.
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    I too took the CCRN review and highly recommend Laura as an instructor.
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    I would take the course if I was you. It will be a great nostalgic reminder years from now when you will be able to reminisce about when there was actual health care in the USA.
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    She is awesome! Like someone says you will remember her teaching years from now....10yrs and counting #enoughsaid#
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    I listened to cassettes (no really!) of her lectures as a new ICU nurse; she is great. I'm with the others--I still remember the stuff she talked about 13+ years later. Actually, I used some of the info while doing some patient teaching just the other day.
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    Laura is awesome. You will learn more than critical care concepts -- and those will be engaging and, better, memorable. She was one of the first to really popularize nursing education as a way to advance the profession and earn, no, demand respect as colleagues. And she did it all with humor and generosity.

    I learned a lot about teaching from her when I was a new critical care nurse. Go for it.
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    I also listened to the tapes that were offered from her CCRN review coarse over 11 years ago. Do it you won't regret it. She has a great style of teaching.
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    I agree with everyone else. I bought her DVD's to study for my CCRN. She is great!! Go for it!!
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