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    Hi, this is my first year of nursing and I have to carry out a paper/research on a topic of pathophysiology.

    [B]The actual question reads,


    You will choose a pathology affecting the musculoskeletal system.
    You will research on different aspects of the disease and present your work in the class.
    Here are the guidelines to follow for the achievement of the work. Important that each student has a different disease for the research.

    1). Presentation of the disease (name, location, pathophysiology).
    2). Etiology (explore all factors that may be involved in the development of the disease).
    3). Clinical manifestation (subjective and objective signs symptoms).
    4). Diagnostic test (enumerate and explain them (laboratory, radiology etc). including preparation and post-test observations).
    5). All aspects of the management of the pathology:
    a) Medical
    b) Surgical
    c) Pharmaceutical (including considerations). Ref: Drug Guide for Nurses
    6). Find impairment for 4 Needs of Virginal Henderson and 4 basic cares (interment in relations to the pathology and unmet needs) Example, Eat and Drink
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  3. by   TopazLover
    Suggestion: Tell us what part you are having trouble understanding. We will not do homework for you.

    If you are having difficulty figuring out where to start then define what the condition is that you are to be researching.
    1. Is it a disease? If so why is it a diesase not something else. If not, why not.
    2. Once you are familiar with the define then go to the actual questions. it is easier to understand the pathophysiology when you know what makes this out of the norm.

    Come back with specific questions and you will want to explore the nursing student areas. They have a great deal of wisdom floating around there.