Progressive Care Certification?

  1. Hi All!

    I currently work on on a neuroscience/medical step-down unit. I've worked here for 15 months now, and this is my first nursing job. I don't plan on staying with neuroscience, but I do really like step-down patients. While my long-term plan is to go into nursing leadership, my more short-term goal is to move out of the state of MI and find a job either in ER, ICU, or a progressive care unit.

    Is it too soon to start thinking about becoming certified in progressive care? I meet the hours requirement, but I'm not sure if there's a time requirement. Also, is this certification going to help me reach my goals? Can anyone offer me advice on studying and taking the exam?

    Thanks all!

    Jenny P
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  3. by   uzondu
    I also work in a stepdown/telemetry unit at my facility. We were encouraged to take the progressive care certication for almost two years now and no one has even attempted..I guess maybe because not much is heard about it?
    Anyway once I determined that I have the hours needed for CCRN I decided to go for that instead even though I have never worked in an ICU. It is doable and I am going for it. The certification is worth it but it is something you need to embark on when you are ready witghin yourself so that you can have the self motivation to study for it.
  4. by   uzondu
    I took the CCRN exam on monday and ....I PASSED!!!!!!!
  5. by   Nurserton
    If you want to eventually be a leader, I would advise you begin your nursing career modeling leadership traits. This means constantly enhancing your resume so to speak, by building yourself professionally and educationally. A nursing certification is just like a hospital's Joint Commission accreditation. It's not required, but it's a hallmark of high quality. Start your nursing career off differentiating yourself and being on your professional game and you will be surprised at the doors that may open for you.
  6. by   jwolf
    Quick question for did you take the CCRN without any ICU experience? Looking at the requirements it looks like you have to have ICU hours? I am currently starting on a Cardiac-Pulmonary Intermediate Care Unit and was encouraged to get my PCCN, but was wondering about if I should try for my CCRN instead?