Parkland SICU August 2013 residency

  1. Anyone applied for this yet??
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  3. by   nursingstudent2013
    Yes!! And ER! fingers crossed!
  4. by   NursieDP
    Me too!
  5. by   meraki86
    Yes! SICU and ER. I have an interview with SICU but haven't heard anything from ER yet
  6. by   NursieDP
    I'm the other way around. When did you hear from SICU?
  7. by   meraki86
    I heard about SICU on Thursday - got the email to schedule an interview, replied later that day, and received a confirmation e-mail on Friday for my interview on the 29th.

    When did you hear from ER?
  8. by   NursieDP
    Same days for the ER. I also applied to burn icu and l&d but have not heard from them.
  9. by   rooroo17
    I also have an interview with SICU and ER!!
  10. by   Alexandria512
    Where is parkland!
  11. by   Rose2013
    Quote from Alexandria512
    Where is parkland!
    I think it's in Dallas, TX
  12. by   NursieDP
    It is near downtown Dallas off of I-35
  13. by   meraki86
    Has anybody else scheduled their interview yet or had it already? L&D has been hearing back the day after. I hope that's the same for us
  14. by   NursieDP
    I'm heading out for my interview now.