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    Quote from meraki86
    Just had my interview for SICU. I think (hope) it went pretty well. The staff is amazing. There were 50 applicants and 15 positions open. We should be hearing back later this week or early next week
    50 applicants, as in 50 interviews? Wow! Hope all went well. Good luck to everyone doing interviews!
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    Oh my! I'm sorry. I meant 50 interviews. I'm not sure how many have applied. I hope we hear back soon!!
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    Congrats!! I'm happy for you that you are getting to choose the one you want. I'm hoping to hear soon too! One way or the other... Waiting is killing me!
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    I spoke to my clinical instructor who worked their for 20 years and the director of my program. One said that they've always said the whole "or you pay pack $20000" and it never really is stuck too. They cannot legally force anyone to pay back $20000 unless it had something to do with tuition reimbursement or outside hospital training. I believe they say this also becuase they historically have a high turnover rate from burnout and fatigue. I'd love to work their but am so scared about what would happen if I ended up not liking it.
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    Yes. The 3 year commitment is A LOT to sign up for, in my opinion - considering a lot of candidates have no idea if they will actually like what they are doing and where they are doing it (yes, I know some will). And the $20,000 to get out of the contract is very scary as well! I keep going back and forth about what I would do if I received the offer. I have a family with 3 little children (and a husband). There is no telling where my life might be in 3 years! Especially considering we recently got transferred from VA to TX. For all we know, my husband could get transferred for work again... and it would be terrible to have to pay all that $$$ back Wishing everyone much luck in their decisions!!!!
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    Does anyone know when they're making decisions?
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    I am hearing by the end of this week or early next.
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    Anyone heard anything for SICU yet? I hope they start giving offers today
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    I just had my interview yesterday. Waiting on them as well!
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    I had mine yesterday as well. I'll be anxiously waiting by the phone until I hear something!
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    Just received an email. I didn't get it back to square one.
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    Recruiter just called me I was offered the position for SICU!!!
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    @redraider1. I did not the position either. Don't know what i was lacking during the interview. I thought everything went well. SO discouraging.

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