Parkland SICU August 2013 residency - page 2

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    It is near downtown Dallas off of I-35

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    Has anybody else scheduled their interview yet or had it already? L&D has been hearing back the day after. I hope that's the same for us
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    I'm heading out for my interview now.
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    Good luck NurseieDP! Is it for ER? If so please let me know what it was like!! Any details would be much appreciated!!!!
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    It was a panel interview. Standard clinical questions. Interviewing 200, 45 spots available.
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    How'd you do? How many in the panel? Do we need to take several copies of our resume? Was it relaxed it stressful? Thanks for the update!
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    Or stressful.... Also, it isn't behavioral questions? It was clinical?
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    There were some behavioral.
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    There were some behavioral
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    How many we're on the panel?

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