Parkland SICU August 2013 residency - page 2

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  1. by   rooroo17
    Good luck NurseieDP! Is it for ER? If so please let me know what it was like!! Any details would be much appreciated!!!!
  2. by   NursieDP
    It was a panel interview. Standard clinical questions. Interviewing 200, 45 spots available.
  3. by   rooroo17
    How'd you do? How many in the panel? Do we need to take several copies of our resume? Was it relaxed it stressful? Thanks for the update!
  4. by   rooroo17
    Or stressful.... Also, it isn't behavioral questions? It was clinical?
  5. by   NursieDP
    There were some behavioral.
  6. by   NursieDP
    There were some behavioral
  7. by   rooroo17
    How many we're on the panel?
  8. by   NursieDP
    4. 2 from trauma and 2 RNs from the ER. They have 4 panels and you only meet with 1.
  9. by   NursieDP
    25% chance. Not too bad
  10. by   NursieDP
    3 yr contract after residency is over. $20,000 fine if you leave early.
  11. by   rooroo17
    Thank you! I hope you did well in your interview!
  12. by   NursieDP
  13. by   meraki86
    @NursieDP and @rooroo17 - have y'all been contacted for a SICU interview?