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    How does an OR nurse with a stint in homecare but with tons of tele stepdown unit experience get into ICU? WI is so tight now in the nursing market. Does anyone know where in any state they may hire experienced rns with tele and intermediate ICU experience, IV sedation exp in into the ICU? Thanks for your help!

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    Oh yeah I am also in my forties if that matters.
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    Yes, I can totally relate. I was forty before I left the OR to go into the ICU. It is possible. However, my best experience and acceptance came when applying to a large teaching facility. Try applying to a teaching hospital where you can get the experience and knowledge base that you will need in order to transition successfully.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks, I am very ecouraged!
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    Yes, I also made the transition from OR to ICU by going to a large teaching Level I trauma center. I learned so much and gained confidence in an area of nursing that requires a different set of skills. Be careful that you do not get discouraged, because the OR affords a nurse the luxury of depending on a team of people. The ICU challenges you both physically and mentally.
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    I made the jump! It's been awesome! Learning so much and getting treated with respect from the doctors. Its a great feeling and to feel important and needed. I love the interaction with pts and family's.

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