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  1. Hello! I am an OR nurse x4 years who went directly into the OR right after school through an internship program. I am looking to further my education by possibly going to nurse anesthesia school. I am nervous to go to the ICU as I have not done any real patient care since nursing school. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to go about this? What I need to brush up on so I do not get chewed up and spit out in the critical care world?? I feel like I would be just like a "new graduate" trying to go to the ICU now!! NEED HELP and reassurance!!
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  3. by   SRNA2011
    It will probably be easier to transfer to the ICU at the same hospital you currently work at. Most ICU job openings usually look for RNs with prior ICU experience. The ICU manager will probably want to know why you're interested in going back to bedside care and why you want to work in an ICU setting. I would probably leave out the part of going back for CRNA school since most managers wouldn't want to waste their time and money to train you and then leave. Your hospital should provide a basic critical-care class that you take on orientation and you will be ACLS certified later on. So don't be too worrried about studying and having to know all about critical-care beforehand- you'll learn it all on orientation. We have OR nurses that came to work on my ICU floor and they are doing just fine!
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  4. by   Biffbradford
    Already knowing the surgeons at your current hospital would be a big plus! Agreed on the not mentioning the CRNA school plans.
  5. by   MLB55
    I think it depends on the manager when telling them your future plans. For me, I'm sure my old manager told my new manager what my plans were. When asked where I see my self in five years, I sure wasn't going to say I hope I'm at the bedside still. I was very open about it, and I said I hope to be back in school.

    Units aren't always going to have the same nurses. Some go back to school, some have kids, some go to less acute units, and some leave the hospital. How is a manager not going to hire you because you want to continue your education... Besides, they were once in your shoes - at the bedside, waiting to move up.