Nursing scope of practice regarding arterial line insertion.

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    Can anyone list those states under Nursing Practice Act/ Scope of Nursing practice that allows arterial line insertion for nurses? (and website of documented information) I am most interested whether Georgia Nursing Practice Act provide any regulation on this subject..... currently, I have found nothing regarding on this subject.

    I have found two that are documented under there State Board of Nursing. (apparently it's pretty hidden information.....)

    1. Nebraska

    2. Mississippi


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    I can't quote specific areas for my states Scope of Practice but can say that in my ICU RN and RT's are allowed to start arterial lines in the radial arteries. Femorals are reserved for the physicians. To the best of my knowledge there is one other hospital here that lets ICU RN's place a-lines.
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    We can place them in our unit also, but we have a certification process we go thru and have to do so many sticks a year to keep it. All of our CC nurses can do this, but it is usually the fellow on call.

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