New grads on a burn center, preparing and resourses

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    Getting prepared to start working as a nurse on a Burn Center includes being up to date in your skills. Review what you learned in nursing school. I have been a burn nurse for 34 years- experience has always been the best teacher. You can review some of the main topics in burn care- fluid resuscutation, partial and full thickness burns, escharatomies, contracture prevention, the different dressings, the most common organisms you will be treating with antibiotics. Also what is the routine of the unit- vital sign routines, when do physicians view the burns. Review prevention of skin breakdown - what is the practice ( turning q2 hours) etc.

    American Burn Association web site has alot of information- they also have a journal.
    Search the web - some burn centers have great power points on basic burn care
    There are some older books written by nurses that are very good.
    "Burn Care" by Dr. Herndon is very good

    Remember you will be providing spiritual, emotional and physical care. The burn patient needs extensive support to survive their injury. Burn Nurses are special. So good luck.
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  3. by   mrs.ed
    Thanks for the info. I'm a new grad starting out in a burn center. I feel like I'm needing some encouragement!! There's so much that you just don't get in school and at times I feel overwhelmed. However, I'm gonna make it I know!
  4. by   McFly85
    Wow Thanks for the info! I'm a new grad too and this helps!
  5. by   nyemt2005
    Burn Units will take new grads?