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Need help for writing reports..

  1. 0 Hi there,

    I really need some help regarding some report writings, i mean Observational reports of ICU's (reports about what you have seen inside ICU and more),I need 4 observational reports including MICU,SICU,NICU,CCU or any other ICU's. I have no idea how to write, and it is really urgent for me to submit these reports immediately . I would really appreciate if some one could help me to overcome this with any reports ,thanks.

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    We are happy to help with homework and lead you in the right direction but we won't do it for you. What do you mean "observation report?". what do you have so far.
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    They are asking about what you saw inside the ICU you have visited (any ICU), including arrangements and all. But am looking for some good info. including what is the usual setup inside any standard ICU's(MICU,SICU,CCU,NICU). It would be great if someone could share the arrangements( equipment's,bed,vent,trolleys etc..) and how the ICU has been setup by nurses. What is the usual setup inside ICU's (am not looking for design ).Thank you