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I am thinking about moving from medsurg to ICU after 9 months of a small, slow night shift women's care medsurg, and one year of a slamming, stuff them in, shot out of a rocket every day progressive... Read More

  1. by   Trauma_drama14
    Like the others have said, it really depends on you. I worked on a gen surg care unit (med surg) for a year and went straight to our trauma/SICU. I didn't think it was too hard of a transition for me but who knows what my preceptor thought lol. I already knew almost all of the surgeons,trauma surgeons, and residents so it was kind of helpful too. It was mostly a different patient population I was used to but it worked out for me. And the ICUs just really vary depending the hospital you work for. My hubs and I work at the sane hospital and he works on CVICU and I work SICU and let me tell you, they are so different. I find it even funnier that the nurses on each unit hate to float to the other (most SICU nurses hate floating to CV and a good amount of CV nurses hate floating to us).