Mobile/Cell Phones at the bedside??

  1. Do you think it's OK for staff to have personal mobile/cell phones with them at the bedside during their shift? Does your unit have a policy regarding this?
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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    I keep mine with me, to use as a calculator or to quickly look something up. If I am going to use it at the bedside, I explain -- "I just need to do a quick calculation". That way they don't misinterpret the phone's presence.
  4. by   Do-over
    Supposedly, it is against policy. However, I think I am the only person in the place that leaves mine in my locker.

    I don't mean to sound goody-goody, but I really can survive the shift without texting or getting on facebook. Besides, the last time I had my phone in my pocket I ended up having to scrub it down with sani-wipes... My pants got thrown out....

    We have computers in every room, so I use that if I need to use a calculator or look something up.
  5. by   SaoirseRN
    We only have computers at the desk, so for me it is easier to look something up quickly on the phone from my med cart or use the calculator than it is to go all the way to the desk, actually find a computer that's available, log on, etc etc.

    I don't text or Facebook except on a break. The phone stays on vibrate.

    I do use it sometimes as a timer, which is handy, or as a reminder on nights when I need to check a blood sugar at 0200.
  6. by   ICUPrincessNurse
    I'll use mine as a timer for heparin gtt timed titrations (like, turn it off for 30 minutes and then restart at 2 units/kg/hr less than previous dose). I also use mine alllllll the time for CRRT calculations- easier to use for me than the computer calculator.

    I also use mine to text our CV surgeons. It is their preferred method of being reached and super easy.

    Otherwise, on silent, in my pocket. Except for bathtime tunes. Everyone needs a dance party during bath time.
  7. by   LandD_RN_chica
    At my one job which is per diem now, we are allowed. Text surgeons. Text anesthesiologists. Text nurse manager. Text supervisor. Do whatever on it. Especially in long cases. You can do whatever as long as it doesn't mess up the flow of your room. I'm in the OR at that job.

    My previous job, I was not allowed to have it at all. Like at all. The manager was the "phone nazi" for lack of a better term. I would only use it for calculations of due dates and weeks of pregnancy for triage patients and med calcs. There are so many apps for the medical field yet you were not allowed to have it at all. I would be on break outside of the hospital or in the lobby on break and my manager would write me up for "being on my phone" ummm excuse me I'm on break. Didn't matter. That place was ridiculous. Over the top. Along with this rule were back stabbing nurses. I left there. I found it funny though that others would be on their phone an not get written up. What a joke that place was.

    My current job actually most of my day is speaking to clients and coworkers through text. For clients they text my work phone and my coworkers text my personal.

    Overall I think absolutely no cell phone use and even when on breaks and anywhere on hospital property is ridiculous. Some of these apps and things we use could save a life. Ok. I'm done now.
  8. by   LandD_RN_chica
    Id also like to add I had a patient specifically ask me to use my personal cell to take a picture of something she could not see. I did it for her and showed her that I deleted it right away. Manager saw me. Wrote me up. Lol hindsight is 20/20 but I wish I would've used the patients phone or did something else but with little experience and the little direction I was given on this joke of a job , I didn't think of it. My only concern was what the patient wanted. What a bad nurse I am. Haha
  9. by   MIHospiceRN
    I first used my cell phone to call security when I became trapped in a bathroom with a dangerous patient on midnights tour, I utilize the flashlight app daily, IV compatibility and drug interactions with micromedix mobile app. Our facility does state , no cell phones in patient care areas, but when it comes to my safety, I will answer to the board.
  10. by   Biffbradford
    This is an interesting thread which addresses the changes in technology that are happening right now. The unit I just left completely BANNED cell phones very recently (the manager even had secret spies), but here reading about texting surgeons and doctors is enlightening. I bet the paging companies don't like it. ($$)
  11. by   SoldierNurse22
    We are essentially required to HAVE them on us at all times, ESPECIALLY at work. Staff nurses can be hard to track down when working the floor. Never know when command or company needs to get ahold of you.
  12. by   Do-over
    We have ascom phones while at work.
  13. by   MomaNurse
    I have a work phone. But when you're at the bedside and it's not going well, a little pandora goes a long way! I look things up for patient care. Once a case manager called and was talking about equipment. I got online at the bedside with the patient and spouse. We all looked at the same page of devices that the case manager was looking at. Weeks of telephone tag ended because the patient and spouse were able to decide then and there.
    Besides the patient care aspect, totally against it. You're working. And unless everyone involved has encrypted texting or a VPN or something, I wouldn't get caught dead texting about a patient. Hippa people scare me.
  14. by   cardiacfreak
    I hate and repeat hate to see a nurse at the nurses station texting when everyone else is running their butts off, or on their phone if call lights are ringing. That doesn't fly with me and I call them on it every time.