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Level 2 CNA?

  1. 0 Hi all! I recently attended a Student Advisory meeting at my school. I was elected student advocate for my class and we have these meetings once a semester to discuss issues students are having and get a report on the school, and also learn about new policies, etc that affect nursing.

    Our Dean told us yesterday that the Department of Public Health in Illinois, which oversees CNA training and licensure, is pushing to add a new area of practice for CNA's: a Level 2 postion that would allow them to pass meds, d/c IV's and Foley's, change sterile dressings, etc. I am still researching the subject and the projected scope of practice, and the Dean said that currently the Illinois Nurse Association is fighting this because 1). the training would only be an additional 120 hours; 2). the RN would ultimately be assuming responsiblilty for the Level 2 CNA (and while RN's have responsiblilty over LPN's and CNA's anyway, I believe the issue that many of the RN's who attended the meeting had was that they felt 120 hours was not nearly enough to encompass the knowledge they felt someone should have before performing sterile procedures [dressing changes] and passing medications); and 3). they felt this position was encroaching on an LPN's duties and could ultimately cut out this level of nursing.

    Obviously this is something that could save healthcare facilities some money; I believe the pay rate for a CNA 2 would still be lower than an LPN. Is this why some facilities are wanting to hire a CNA instead of an LPN? Have any of you worked with level 2 CNA's, or are currently working as one?
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    They are wanting to add a cna 2 with med administration privileges. INA and ANA is up in arms because this would cut nursing's throat. If a CNA can give meds with only 120 hours training why do nurses go to school for 1-4+ years for. Think about it for a minute. When will it stop? Nurses will be obsolete. And think about how many times do you give medication based on a judgement of the action and your patient's condition?

    And are you from Robinson, IL area?
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    CNA's passing meds in what kind of healthcare setting? We want to save money? But how safe is this for the patient?
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    In our facility we already have CNA's who pass meds from a pre-filled med box either done by the family or the nurse on duty for the week. Takes alot of pressure off the nurses so they have time to do other things
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    I am a CNA II but we are not allowed to pass meds. Like someone said before I would not want that responsibility on my hands and it was only a 5 month course. But I do insert/discontinue catheters, sterile dressing changes and irrigations, oral, nasal, and trach suctioning and some other stuff. I really enjoy it. It will give me a leg up while I am in nursing school this semester :-)
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    Quote from imacuddly1
    In our facility we already have CNA's who pass meds from a pre-filled med box either done by the family or the nurse on duty for the week. Takes alot of pressure off the nurses so they have time to do other things
    Yeah I'm not sure if it's similar everywhere but in BC, care aids can do an additional one-day course that teaches them to pass meds that are already pre-measured in blister packs or pre-filled sealed med bags. The idea of care aids doing all of the things the DPH has suggested is totally scary...what the hell is the point of having LPN's if care aids are doing the same job?
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    Why is this post in the Burn ICU forum?!
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    Hello all (I'm the OP); I have no idea why this was moved to the Burn ICU forum - I originally posted this in 2009, and it was in the general nursing forum.