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Hello fellow nurses!! I just passed the CCRN on Thursday and I am open to any questions any of you have about the test or studying!! Good luck to all of you :)... Read More

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    I've only been a nurse for a year and a half but you have to make sure you get your hourly requirements in order to take test. I don't remember any select all that apply questions but there were answers with multiple answers in them such as decrease CVP decreased SVR etc. all in one answer.
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    Congrats! Great job!
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    Ok, name 1 important conclusion with relation to metabolic pts. and Michaelis-Menten kinetics and Lineweaver-Burke plot.
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    Hey Congratulations! That's great! I went to Gasparis' conference and have her green book with questions to study from. I'm going to try to take it in the next week or so (last minute scheduler) =) Do you find it most important to just drill questions? Do you feel an additional investment of the pass ccrn with cd of questions would make or break acceptable studying? Thanks!

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