HELP! Relocating ICU RN to Austin, TX

  1. I am currently a SICU RN at a large city hospital in Baltimore, MD with 2 years of trauma experience and about 2 years of SICU experience.

    I am looking for an ICU position in Austin, TX! I have an interview for a SICU position at the new Dell Seton Medical Center opening in May downtown.

    Any information you all can give me on pay rate and/or the best hospitals to work for would be GREAT

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   Mrobledo4
    Hey! I am in the exact same boat as you! I currently work in the trauma ICU at the level-1 trauma center in Nashville and am relocating to Austin in April. I had my interview for this position at the end of December. Good luck!

    Based on all my research this is the #1 rated hospital in the area for both the patients outcomes and the nurse satisfaction. I haven't heard anything about pay, but through lots of friends from your area I do know the south doesn't pay as much as the east-coast. This hospital is a little different in that they only have 2 different ICU's, a MICU and a SICU. So the variety of different patients will be large.

    Good luck on your interview!
  5. by   cleealto
    Hello!! Just wondering if you took the position at Dell Seton ? I am in same boat. I am relocating to Austin from Seattle for the MICU New to Specialty RN Fellowship. My family is relocating with me but I will be all by my lonesome for a month since I have to be there two weeks before to do the health screening. Looking for advice and interested how you like it so far!