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I just made the switch from ER to ICU. Anyone have any tips, words of advice or warnings to run away screaming now?????:eek:... Read More

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    Quote from traumanurse1448
    Thanks for your honesty. I can see what your saying. My first week I did a lot of standing and sitting. In the ER, I was on the move constantly. It's like going from ADHD world to OCD world. I'm still trying to get more detail oriented. It's a lot to get used to. I am learning a lot and I think it will be good for me. I still work ER relief, so I picked up a shift the other day to keep up on my skills. I haven't started a single IV in ICU. Everyone has PICCS or Central lines. I miss IV's. I am going to stick it out in ICU and hopefully I can use the best of both specialties to help shape me into a better nurse. Hopefully, I can move on to flight nursing someday and then I can apply what I've learned in both areas. Good luck to you and thanks for your input.

    That's how I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from traumanurse1448
    "ICU nurses have a difficult time with the chaos of the ED and don't like that there is so much movement of the patient from one place to another, like wise there are the true adrenaline junkies of the ED that cannot appreiciate the necessity of the preciseness of the ICU. ED nurses have much higher incidence of ADHD. It is like apple and oranges while both fruits they are completely different. While ICU and ED are both critical care areas they are completely different specialities, appreciate now what it feels to be on the other side. "

    I can definately see what you are saying here. I may be one of those adrenaline junkies. However, I am not giving up yet. I have much more to learn first.

    I'm an admitted adrenaline junkie! BUt the experience in both was an asset in trauma flight. It is not all trauma and there is a lot of flying of critical patients from a small ICU to major medical centers.....thye ICU freally helpled....stick with it. Flight nursing is an AWESOME job. I really miss it.......
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    sorry for bumping an old thread, but saw that you guys have good insight about the transition in here.

    I'm an ER nurse and in need of ICU experience to expand my knowledge, and as a req for CRNA school :-(

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