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I just started my final semester of nursing school. Assuming things go as they should, graduation is slated for mid-December. Getting a position in the ICU has been my goal since I started my accelerated 2nd degree program last... Read More

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    I'd just like to reiterate what others have said. Going into ICU fresh out of school is doable, but the orientation/preceptor process has to be great. If I were you I would ask questions about orientation programs while you're interviewing for jobs and get a feel for the different options.

    I went right into a SICU after graduation. We used a 6 month orientation. I learned more in those 6 months than I did in my entire school experience. If the orientation process hadn't been as thorough as it was, I would have been lost. A good preceptor and good program are essential.

    After 3 years in the unit I was ready to leave and go travel. Good luck with your experience.
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    We hire into icu, er, and other areas as new grads. I think they find that they can mild the nurse to what they want. It is however a scary thing as well when you get too many new grads and not enough seasoned nurses.
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    I also wanted an ICU position immediately after nursing school. I was bummed when I began working on med- surg because I thought I was wasting my time. I could not have been more wrong! Working on medsurg I became excellent at placing IV's and priority managing. You will also get a feel for the flow of how different departments in the hospital work together. Now that I work on ICU, I realize that all the things I learned on medsurg only made me a better ICU nurse. Good luck in your nursing career!
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