getting an ICU job

  1. Hi! What can someone do in nursing school to make themselves more likely to get a job in ICU after they graduate?
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  3. by   JackiRN
    I was wondering the same thing. I am expected to graduate May of this year and sit for the boards hopefully by July. From everything I've seen in school, I think I want to work in the ICU/CCU, eventually pursuing a CRNA degree. Some nurses in my rotations have said its best to work first on a regular Med-Surg floor until you can get the hang of things, before moving to a more intensive unit, but others have said if you want to work ICU, you should try and jump right in. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. by   RNpjm
    My best advice for a new grad looking to work in the ICU after graduation is to gain an nursing externship/intership as a student. That way, you have some sort of clinical experience other than school. Working in an ICU environment can be overwhelming so most managers like to see that you have some exposure to this. If it's too late to be a Nurse Extern- try and talk to your clinical professor about having a shadow day in the ICU. Big-city university hospitals do hire new grads straight into the ICU, have a good GPA & recommendation letters. Be proactive! If this is something you really want, it's possible. So keep applying and contact the nurse recruitment office constantly. good luck