Extern's Teaching Project for PCU Staff

  1. I'm assigned to the PCU for my summer externship and must do a teaching project for the staff (just a 10 or 15 minute session during shift change, or in the middle of the unit during the mid-day lull). My problem: due to my preceptor not having finished a year at the hospital until last week, Sunday will be my first full day on the unit and the outline for the project is due Tuesday.

    So, why did I make you read all that? I need ideas for topics for the teaching project. Common problems, new practice methods or theories, common preventable sources of patient complications, etc. Basically, anything that you have noticed in your practice that needs to be improved on a unit level. Since I haven't worked on the unit yet, except to shadow and learn where supplies are, I was thinking about just going with National Pt. Safety Goals, Central Line Infections, or the need for handwashing between pts to satisfy the paperwork deadline and possibly picking a more specific topic after a week or two.

    Any and all ideas are appreciated. Thank you all very much!