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  1. 0 I got my RN in 1987, practiced until 2001 then took a break. i am going through a 'RN Refresher' program and will be eligible to do my clinical (160 hours worth of free work!) in July. I feel the need to review and relearn reading ECGs. Are there any good resourses out there? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    ECGs made incredibly easy is a good resource. I work PCU and I pull out the Palm program to help me sometimes. I mean unless your DR RN, there is not much to the ECG. Rate , regularity, And the certain important segments, after that i am clling the Doc anyway, If someone flips to type 2 block from sinus tach, I might be right or wrong but i am checking patient, calling doc, checkin leads. Maybe not in that order. I always tell a newer RN and your not, we are not cadiologists and listen to a good monitor tech when they suggest something. I see so many RNs argue with the tech. Anyway, any of the made easy series, I find great. Then just simply rehash the ECG is ONLY ELECTRICAL. Our patient can be fine , always check the patient. Just my .02
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    Thank you. I will look that up. I am re preparing my self to hit the floor running when i do my clinicals. One word of advice, NEVER let you license expire,even if you think you will never use it again(as i did...)Thank you again, I am sure it will help me.
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    ncglazergirl: i would suggest googling ekg and rythum strips. there are loads of free web sites that have great learning experences.

    this is a great site built by and ems educator.
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    If you'll be working in ICU, you probably won't have a monitor tech assessing your patients'll be you! I agree with the above post, google ECG or EKG Rhythms. Soooo many free online sites. Here are some of my faves:

    - Dr. Dale Dubin's site for nurses:
    - Cardiac Rhythm Simulator:
    - ECG Library:
    - Cardiac Arrythmias:
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    Dale Dubin's book (in addition to his website) is really great. Rapid Interpretation of EKGs. I have read it several times.
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