Critical Care Classes/Certs?

  1. Obviously, one can eventually pass CCRN.

    What other certifications and classes are there on the way? I'm critical care equivalents of what emergency has with TNCC and ENPC?

    I know there is ECCO, what else?
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  3. by   TraumaSurfer
    Neuroscience Nursing Certification - a very popular one for neurocenters. I have a lot of respect for the nurses who have taken this test.

    You can take courses in Burn care beyond the ABLS.

    Cardio Vascular Nurse
    Cardiac-Vascular Nursing Certification Eligibility Criteria - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC

    ECMO training and cert - takes alot to get and maintain unless active.

    ATCN Courses

    There are also courses for microsurgical care for RNs who can for replantation patients.

    The above are for adults. When you get into peds and NICU you get several more speciality which might be a requirement rather than a merit badge.

    Most of these RN certs require about 2000 hours of actual work experience in the specialty unit and the employer may expect you to have obtained at the very least the minimun knowledge on these exams. For the unit's accreditation, certification of all the RNs migth be highly encouraged. These certs are not for the new grad who just want more alphabet.
  4. by   SummitRN
    Good stuff... I'm looking for things to use the yearly education allowance on...
  5. by   TraumaSurfer
    What about critical care conferences? They sometimes will have extra preconferences with intensive specialty certs?

    ATS is a great one. This was the recent conference.
    American Thoracic Society

    All of the conferences mentioned here are excellent.
    AARC Congress 2012 58th International Respiratory Convention and Exhibition | Medical Conferences USA | Medical Conferences,2012 Medical Conferences International, Medical Meetings, CME Events, Medical Conferences 2012 and etc.

    The AARC for Respiratory is all critical care stuff. They have a lot of free stuff on their website for education like videos on the LTV 1200, aerosols and nitric oxde for reference.

    AARC Meetings

    AARC Continuing Respiratory Care Education

    So is the Chest physicians conference.
    Besides the national also have big state conferences every year. Another RT organization is Focus which has big conferences a couple times a year. Nurses get CEs for most RT conferences (at least the big ones).
    FOCUS Publications, Inc.

    You can also check out the Critical Care nurses conferences.

    If kids are your thing, the PNCCT course is excellent.
    Pediatric & Neonatal Critical Care Transport Program at UMBC

    Recent Pedi/Neo course

    Air Medical Transport Conferences are also great.
    Education & Meetings

    There are also a couple of big conferences for ECMO which might be of interest. With the H1N1 flu, ECMO is not just for kids anymore.
    29th Annual CNMC Symposium: ECMO & the Advanced Therapies for Respiratory Failure - Event Summary | Online Registration by Cvent

    For more info about ECMO, including transport:
    Home - Extracorporeal Life Support Organization