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  1. I work in a LTAC facility where all staff must have BLS/ACLS including STNA's. My questions is do your code blue team have an STNA assisting with the code or do you have rn's, md, rrt, lab tech, etc assisting with the code. If you worked in a place with an STNA assisting with a code how do you think she/he did? would you work with a STNA during a code
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  3. by   APNgonnabe
    I do not work in a LTAC facility first off. I can see some reasoning behind the STNA having ACLS so that they can be a better team player. I don't know what you're staffing is like so Im not sure if you would have much choice other than to work with them during a code. If they are competent in at least the basics such as good compressions, bvm they are an invaluable member. I find it interesting however from a different standpoint as they probably have no capability of pushing meds, interpeting ecg.
  4. by   crystalcnd
    I think its a good idea to have an aide/tech on hand to help during a code. Yes they can't push meds but they can run for items that may be missing from your crash cart or that you run out of. For instance we had a code a few weeks ago and the ER doc showed up and needed XL gloves and all we had on hand were M and L, so the aide ran to the supply room for the right size gloves. They usually don't stay in the room during a code as it is already crowded in there but they are usually right outside the door if needed.
  5. by   pawashrn
    during a code all experienced "hands on deck". Have them do things as compressions, handing out medications(not giving,of course) comfort families and record the events. An extra pair hands placed in the right direction can be a plus in any emergency