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  1. 0 Anyone else studying for the CCRN adult exam? I have been doing the Pass CCRN cd questions & test, as well as listening to ccrn cram podcasts. Averaging 70-80% on q&a, also getting ready to watch laura gasparis DVDs. Anymore suggestions & those that have taken it... Is it as terrifying as I imagine it to be?
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    I took and passed the exam in January. Your prep materials are the same ones that I used. I also listened to the Cammie House-Francher podcasts.
    The exam is difficult, but as an experienced ICU nurse, it is information that you should know. I was surprised that many of the questions I answered without hesitation and there were a few that were nearly verbatim from my Pass CCRN CDROM .
    Good luck!
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    Thanks! I have listened to the podcasts as well. Its Starting to sink in that I'm taking it in two weeks :/
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    Quote from Danielle_thompson84
    Thanks! I have listened to the podcasts as well. Its Starting to sink in that I'm taking it in two weeks :/
    I'm taking it tomorrow, and just stopped by here to give my brain a break. I used the Gasparis DVDs, Cammy Fancher's podcasts, Kaplan, and a little Pass CCRN. If the practice tests are an accurate indicator, then the exam really is a lot of what we use in daily practice. That being said, I am still super anxious:-( Good luck!
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    I can't find these podcasts everyone is talking about?!?! any suggestions?!?!
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    I too can't seem to find the podcast every one is talking about. any ideas out there.
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    The podcasts are no longer free on itunes. I did locate them by googling (I guess they decided they could make some money off of them), but did not purchase. I studied the Pass CCRN online questions that came with the book. I also studied the Laura Gasparis DVDs. This seems to be a common method. It worked for me!
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    where did you get the dvd's. I think I may want to look into that too. How much did it cost to get them and how may are there. please let me know.
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    A coworker let me borrow the DVDs. I think he bought them on Ebay. She also has a website for all of her review material products.
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    Do you guys think the pass ccrn is worth the price?