Calling all new grads/new to the ICU starting Feb. 2013!!!! - page 10

Hello everyone! I'm starting this topic for any new grads or new to the ICU. I think it will be good to come here to compare notes, encourage, vent and support each other. I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time.... Read More

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    Welcome aboard the non-stop train of critical care!!! A wild ride.

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    Pearls of happiness I received:

    Compliments and gratitude from a few of my patients. Yay! It's amazing that people can be so appreciative when they are going through so much stress.

    Did some non-pharmacological interventions to keep a patient from receiving some heavy duty meds for stabilization. Woo hoo! One of my prouder moments.

    Some of my unhappier moments:
    One compliment from a patient based solely on how fast I am with my "fetching" abilities. In my head, I wanted to start fussing at the patient, because it's not about how quickly I can grab some juice for you. But hey, what are you gonna do?
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    Week 3 starts tonight @7!!!!

    @ Flo, sounds awesome! Roll with it!!
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    Here's a little update... I've completed about 12 12 hour night shifts now. So far I love my unit and the people working there- everyone is incredibly supportive. Propofol and levophed have become my new best friends . Last night was my first time taking two on my own with my preceptor as a resource, and it went very well-great confidence booster! It's amazing how 2 weeks ago I was scared to work with a lot of these drugs, but now I feel perfectly comfortable titrating on my own in most cases.

    Overall I feel like I've gained an incredible amount of knowledge, but I feel like there is sooooo much left to learn. I'm so impressed with the knowledge level of the nurses I'm working with! I've had nights like last night where things go smoothly and I'm on top of everything. And then I've had nights like the night before last, where both my preceptor and I felt like we were drowning. (One patient was circling the drain while our other one was somehow waking up and trying to pull his tubes and get out of bed despite being maxed out on propofol, attempted a versed drip, IV Ativan... You name it). But even the crazy shifts are rewarding and thrilling, and definitely make the time go by quickly

    Hope everyone is doing well! We need more updates people! :-D
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    Working with my first Pedi Trauma pt this week... I SWORE I was going to pass out!!! Skin grafts, reconstruction, drains. This little boy is my hero.

    Working in my transition to computer charting. Still trying to keep it all together!
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    I love this thread! Keep the updates coming!

    I am amazed at how comfortable I actually feel being on my own. I remember around month 3 out of my 6 month orientation, I was feeling like I would never be ready. That was the time when I was just starting to realize how much I DIDN'T know. But somehow, it all came together! I feel so lucky to have had such a great, organized orientation, and awesome work environment. I love when I am collaborating with a physician, and feeling totally clueless, and yet they still take my input seriously, lol. I read threads about new grads who cry before work everyday, and I can't imagine feeling like that. I look forward to every shift and every night is a learning experience.

    Heck yeah, critical care!!!
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    Finished my first week on the floor, yesterday was my first 12 and today is my first payday as a nurse

    I was shocked at how fast 12 hours went by, and how many little things interrupt your day. Each day I'm doing things I hadn't done before, and trying to remember and process everything. Everyone is sooooo nice and helpful-I really am so lucky that my unit/hospital system is so supportive. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "do you need help, do you have question, what can I do to help you" it is so nice to feel supported and not alone!

    I was so nervous about working in icu and wondering if I'd be in over my head and I have to say I'm so glad I'm here-I couldn't imagine being on another unit! Now-off to find ways to spend my first paycheck!!!
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    Awesome monkey! I'm so glad everyone is having a great time.
    I had an awesome day today, just felt in my groove. Part of me wants to stay with my preceptor forever and ever amen, but my independent streak is itching for freedom! I hate being micromanaged.
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    Great thread. I recently just started in the CVSICU. So far so good. I'm really enjoying it but I'm having a hard time dealing with my stress and anxiety outside of work.

    I have trouble sleeping at night thinking about work. Thinking about bad scenarios and how I would handle them.

    Any advice on how to deal with the stress?
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    Maybe trying to find a hobby and exercising which gives you endorphins!

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