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Bolus of saline

  1. 0 My mother was given a total of 2.5 to 3 liters of boluses of saline due to low BP after hip replacement .her BP was 70 systolic later on went up 110 systolic after 1 hour on bolus She is a petite lady only 78 lbs 4'7 in height and have renal insufficiency after repeated boluses her stomach got bigger and later on her R thigh got big (edema) next morning she complained of chest pain and pass away I don't what the cause of her sudden death is there any negligent care involve here pls advise.
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    So sorry for your loss, but per terms of service we can not give medical adivce
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    We are so sorry for your loss. However, it is outside the scope of this Internet nursing community site to offer medical or legal advice.

    Wishing you peace and closure in this situation.