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I currently have a job offer for both a Surgical-Trauma PCU and the Emergency Department at my local hospital. I am not sure which unit an ICU Nurse Manager would view as "better" experience to have... Read More

  1. by   calivianya
    I know at my hospital they'd take stepdown nurses for ICU well before ED nurses - the ED nurses in my facility have a horrible reputation in the ICU. Also, stepdown is considered part of critical care here, so technically, the people in IMCU/CPU are considered critical care nurses and they are often crosstrained to the ICUs so they can float here if we have a need. We are also crosstrained to IMCU/CPU for the same reason. It seems like it would be a lot simpler to get moved to ICU if you have already been oriented to the ICU as a stepdown nurse, have worked in ICU a few times from being floated, and you know the nurse manager from working with her, versus trying to get into the ICU from emergency when ED personnel are not allowed to float to the ICU and the ICU managers will never have seen you before.

    You could always take either one, and then continue to apply for an ICU job and go down to PRN at your ED/PCU position when you get it. Do you just not feel ready for ICU at this point, or were you applying for these jobs because you couldn't get an interview for ICU in your area?
  2. by   John SPN
    I am having trouble getting an interview for an ICU position, if I would, I would definitely work w/e shift and do whatever I had to to work there.

    I spoke with a couple of CRNAs and they unanimously said that working in the ED would be a better bet than working in a PCU. (I assumed it would be the other way around, but w/e)
  3. by   judihh
    Working in the ED would be very helpful in getting into ICU