asked to be on our code blue committee

  1. Hey,
    I was approached by our education coordinator to join our facility's code blue committee. He serves on it himself. He was saying they review " code paperwork" and initiate improvements. I am hoping to sit in and observe one of the meetings before I commit.

    If you are familiar with or are a member of your facility's code blue committee/ whatever your hospital calls it, could you give me a better understanding of your role, the purpose of the committee and what , if any, changes have they been able to implement?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   BeeGeeRN
    I've been on a few code committees... Here is a list of all we did good luck!

    - submitted info the AHA get with the guidelines (for data tracking)

    - reviewed current processes and make vital changes (ie: too many ppl responding, crowd control etc.) we changed to a neighbor type system. If code happened in my room, my neighbor would help me but their neighbor would cover their pt etc (so someone across the ICU wouldn't respond to my code but would help watch Pts for the rest if the unit )

    - debriefed the team after a code (either right after when they got caught up with charting etc) this helps newer nurses vent and calm down... We also learned what worked and didn't work. Fixed glitches like if someone didn't respond to the code (if pharmacy arrived late etc) I also sat with the primary nurse (whose pt coded) to help him/her reorganize, regroup and reprioritize the to do list and help them get caught bk up.

    - we met with team leaders of other floors to see what education was needed, did crash cart teaching, scenarios, mock codes etc.

    Hope this helps!! Good luck!

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