Anyone know of any ICU internships or know where they hire new RN for ICU? - page 2

Hi, I am trying to find who would take new nurses into the ICU or where there is an ICU internship. I have been an RN in Med Surg/Telemetry for a year. My goal is CRNA. But, to get the experience,... Read More

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    Hello Responsible
    I googled Grant Pass Oregon- Do you recommend I contact their HR dept.
    This is great news, they will hire nurses straight out to school and hire them ICU/train them?
    I am also looking to go to CRNA school but need ICU experience.
    I live in columbus ohio and there are too many nurses (no shortage). Its next to impossible to get in ICU out of school in columbus.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

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    Hello Samisa
    I googled integriss... where can I find the information? I am trying to get into ICU?

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    In Little rock, Arkansas at st Vincent's infirmary they hire new grads into the icu. It's a very competitive program but if you are in a bsn program, have tech/cna experience, and a decent gpa then you'll be ok. And another good thing is that you can do a phone interview if they contact you. Let me know if you have questions

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