who administers medications to inmates

  1. What is the standard of care in medication administration??
    Everytime I try to connect with the national association of correctional nurses, I get advertisments
    Is there some other way to get on the site to obtain specific info
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    RN's,LPN's and in some places they have medication aides. Some facilities only hire RN's. It all depends on the facility.
  4. by   nurseT
    I have been in corrections for less than 1 year. I just attended our state's jail medical conference. according to the state's attorney, DOC must use nurses, but local jails can use corrections officers if they have been trained by the doctor or his designee ( nurse). Also, the officers are completely legally responsible for their own mistakes should they disregard their instruction. In our state, the nurse at the county level must be an RN. this is due to the lack of funds and lack of need to staff a small jail 24/7 with RNs.