Trying to get out of Correctional Nursing....

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    I graduated in May 2011 and it took me forever to get my current job living in Colorado. I started in January 2012 and can't wait to get out of prison! I am even moving out of state to Texas (DFW) in hopes of increasing my chances of getting a hospital job.

    My background is as above, over 3 years CNA experience in a hospital (about 3-6 months of that was home care), and a BSN. I would love to be a L&D or Mom&Baby nurse but I doubt I have any chance. So once I move to Texas which jobs should I be looking for? Just Med-Surg? And will getting my ACLS really help me or what?

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    What don't you like about CN?
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    Well first of all I hate the company and the boss. I was hired pat-time but work full-time hours and they refuse to give me benefits. My boss tried to get me to work by myself after only 4 hours of training. Again I wan't to be an OB or NICU nurse and working with men inmates is about as far as I can be from that. I also hate the security aspect of the job....I can't just go into a patient's room and do an assessment/pass meds/etc without having an officer available and wait on them to open the cell. I could go on and on but I just really want out.
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    I suppose corrections is as far from OB or NICU as possible. The part of corrections you hate is what I happen to love about corrections. What you see as a hindrance (aside from the boss and pay), I see as a positive that most nurses or people in general don't seem to understand. I've been in NICU (personally), but now that I'm a corrections nurse, I just can't see myself going into any other field besides ER.

    I completely understand, and I wish you the best of luck.
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    you must work for the same company that I work for!! where do you live in Colorado? I live in Colorado too, in our area you would still be considered a "new grad" but the hospitals are stepping up and providing great training opportunities to help new grads break into critical care areas.

    I went to CN after 17 years of Emergency room nursing, so I had to have ACLS and all of the rest of the alphabet soup to work in the ER. I think taking ACLS would should a good effort towards learning and it sure wouldn't hurt a bit.

    Have you applied for any OB jobs yet?
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    I am in the North of Denver Area. I actually applied to 2 new grad OB positions recently and got a big fat NO.
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    Is there a certainly speciality I should be applying to? I mean to have a better chance of getting into a hospital? Like med-surg, or ER?
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    Based on the research I have done. You would be well suited to apply to lower trauma level EDs, or an Urgent Care with the hopes of using that to transfer into the ED. Corrections, depending on where you work and what duties you find yourself doing, involves lots of autonomy and ability to triage with an emphasis on objective-based assessments--these are qualities that hold great water in an ED setting particularly.

    Also, some new grad programs might not honor your corrections experience as acute, making you eligible for them so long as they do not have specific requirements on graduation date.
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    Thank you I will certainly consider all of that.
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    All the NICU nurses I have met are in Hufflepuff. You may want to have a talk with the sorting hat. I heard that corrections nursing is a good way to get into psych. I'll be investigating that route as I have just accepted my first job at a prison. Wasn't my first pick, but the only job offer I have had since I graduated last year.

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