STG International??

  1. Has anyone ever worked or know any information abotu STG International? I recently talked to a "recruiter" i think, and while they mentioned some nice benefits to working with them i was kind of weary after reading "Detention Center".. so just wonder if anyone has any information on environment or job in general.. Thanks!
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  3. by   BSNinTX
    STG provides contract employees for the Immigration detention center I work at, as well as all the other ICE detention centers. I have heard from their staff that they pay well, but that the medical insurance costs a lot. They may also staff more traditional correctional facilities, but I cannot say that for certain. ICE detention tends to be safer, more sedate than traditional correctional facilities, but some places have more criminal aliens and can be difficult.
  4. by   chulada77
    Just my 2 cents........although more sedate, the level or type of criminal in an ICE facility can be a higher level of violence and can be more desperate. Many times the ICE agents aren't targeting your low lvl dealers instead the people that are trafficking stuff across international borders. I would imagine though that the facilities are higher tech vs. the state run facilities, but that's only a guess. The ICE and homeland securities agents usually have some pretty neat gadgets
  5. by   STGINT
    STG International is a contractor with Immigration Health Service Corps. When undocumented immigrants are picked up we have to house them and give them healthcare until we are able to give them citizenship in our country or until we have to deport them back to their country. If the immigrants were picked up committing a crime, they have done their time elsewhere, and these are just holding facilities for them. Yes, they are catagorized by how bad the crime they committed was. All of the facilities are jail like facilities. There are a ton of gaurds and security officers along with security cameras all over the facilities. If you are working with a recruiter and they have an opening you can have them send your resume over for review and the facility can call you to set up an interview and site visit. A security clearance is required for the position and you would have to complete all required documents for that before getting an interview. Please feel free to give STG a call if you have any further questions.
  6. by   Superior103
    They may be losing their contract. I believe it is up for renewal. You might want to check directly with the Immigration Health Service Corp leader. I do not believe the company has any local representatives so there is almost no contact with the corporate office in Alexandria. As an RN you are better off working in a hospital or directly for a government agency running the prison.