SAC, CTF, Folsom, Solano?

  1. Looking to get some information from nurses that work at these instiutions. Considering a move up north and want to know what the environment, staff, working conditions and facilities are like. Are your supervisors supportive? Any information would be great. I was an MTA for 13 years, then HPSI, and now RN. Thanks.
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    Worked at CMF as an MTA (was an RN at the time too), and must say CMF is great. Old Folsom....stay away from that mess. Solano - don't know much about it. Have heard good things about CSP-SAC.

    Are you working for the registry, or the state at this point?

    After the MTA declassification I went C/O. Medical was/is such a mess that the extra $ of going RN wasn't worth it. Got about 18 months to go until retirement, and thinking of going RN for a year of that for retirement purposes. Still, its a hard decision.

    Back to the facilities...have you considered Jamestown or CCF in Susanville. Lots of camp guys, and they usually don't try to play the system.
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    Thanks for the reply. Working for the state, not registry. Where I am pretty organized and not bad. Just been here many years now and looking for a change. But you know how it is always hear bad things about other institutions. The medical department is certainly going through changes, seems now we are adding many management positions, getting top heavy. Am going to check out the area and see how i feel about making a move. Going back to school as well in Jan so we shall see. Yea the pay is not too bad although with the 14% pay cut not as good as it was. Do any of the institutions have 12 hour shifts? What things have you heard about SAC? Thanks for the info.
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    CSP SAC. I can make a call or two for you. I used to work with one of the SRNs there in the Nevada prison system years ago, then we both worked in CDC after that. He's a really good guy.

    For CSP SAC it would be more about the area. You could rent a place reasonable in Folsom. Folsom has grown over the last 5 years or so quite a bit. Has all the amenities of a bigger town - Costco, Best on. The new part of the town is all bright and shiny. The old part of the town has a real good old town charm feel to it. Tahoe is a short drive, and there are plenty of things to do in the area. SAC is much like the facility I work at, where you have most RNs working days with S/S off (working clinics). The infirmary is staffed all shifts with various days off. Due to its location (being near HQ and a level 4 facility, you are likely to run into more new programs there. Its kind of a 'we got to try this somewhere - how about SAC, its close'.

    Will see if I can get in contact with the my buddy there. Been a long time since I talked to him...might be retired. Not sure.
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    Ok great, thanks. I will be looking not for the immediate but about 8 mos or so. Need to finish up my lease here. But getting a feel and some info on the area. I am mostly interested in sac or folsom as i plan on living in midtown sac. Been in the burbs too long need to get into somewhat of a city. Thanks for the info.
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    Gooddog still around? anyone else?