Private Companies and Correctional Nurses

  1. Well, I knew it was too good to be true. Looks like the job that I love so much may be contracted out to a private company.

    Anybody have experience with any of these folks??

    I really don't want to leave the city, (and benefits, etc), but I don't want to leave the jail either.

    I'm already seeing the writing on the wall and am so stressed out about it.

    I lost a great part of my identity when my husband died, I don't want to loose another big part of what I do and where I work.
    I have to plan for the future, permanent retirement isn't an option for a LOT of years.


    I can-

    1. Quit worrying about it until it happens, then say, I should have seen it coming and have to scramble to retrain, recertify, transfer, move, etc.

    2.Transfer to the Health Department, keep my benefits.

    3.Retire (collect my very small pension) and work for the new company (IF they're hiring) and hope for good benefits.

    4. Go through ALL of the 'stuff' to work for another city/county. (which for those of you who know, is unlike any other job application you will ever fill out-certified copies of birth/marriage/death records, sealed HS/college transcripts, driving record, credit records, background---etc)

    5. Get out of correctional nursing, (which I would have to do if I went to the health department), retrain and learn to love something else.

    6. Hope I win the lottery and working won't be an issue! (fat chance of THAT)

    Any of my nurse buddies know of any private companies in Southern California that do jail/prison healthcare?


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