Pregnant Nurses in Corrections?

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    I will be starting a new job as a nurse in a federal correctional institution in December where I will have a two year contract. We've been thinking about expanding our family (not in the immediate future, but soon-ish), and I'm wondering if anyone has been pregnant while working corrections, or knows a nurse who has. Would it be safe? Worst case scenario, we wait until the contract is over to start trying. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Honestly, I feel safer on the yard than I did at a couple of the hospitals I previously worked at. I have worked with several pregnant nurses, and they weren't any less effective or any more subject to problems than anyone else. The only advice I can give you is to perhaps hold off until you have been on board for a year. At one year you qualify for FMLA, and you aren't subject to losing your job if there is a complication and you exhaust your accumulated leave.
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    Thanks Orca!
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    Sorry for the late post but I just saw it today. I started working at a jail in July of 2011. Unplanned pregnancy the next month! I worked the entire 9 months with my 3rd pregancy. I felt safe...for a matter of fact, I felt safer. The women inmates seemed to sympathize with me and I felt the male inmates were protective of me. When I worked pregnant with my first at the hospital, I had to do tons of MRSA dressing changes.. So I would say, yes, felt completely safe. No need to delay the 2 years if you don't want to. Good Luck!
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    Unless you are on a sex offender yard, the "convict code" will protect you in a male facility.

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