Pending job loss, 975 hours cap

  1. I have been a corrections nurse (RN) in the California State Prisons as a registry contractor for 2 years. This year the hours cap of 975 hours is being followed at my and to my knowledge, all other cal state prison facilities (I work full time and overtime so I will be finishing my contract in November and will not be eligible for re-hire until July of 2011 at any california state prison facility). I enjoy corrections nursing and am proud of my specialty, so changing employment specialties is not my first option. Due to family considerations taking a full time position within the state with fixed hours or the potential for hold overs is not an option. Can anyone tell me about agencies that work with the county jails in california or the federal prisons here, or even registries that work within other states, (travel is ok with me, my family member can travel with me) I have only called in sick once in two years so my issues do not cause problems with my attendance or work performance, but I do have very important commitments that I can not work around if I was hired for a permanent position. (trust me I would love it if I could, the benefits, hours, and pay are great). Thanks to anyone who can help. I really need to stay employed, I am the sole provider for my family! Thanks again-
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  3. by   CARN21
    Sorry to hear of your situation. I am trying to work for prisons as well and wanted to know what is the name of the prison registry you worked for.
  4. by   jjacobsrn
    Maxim staffing works with most prisons in north and central CA. Hope that helps.
  5. by   tom7044
    ​contact corizon health care. this company is the result of a merger between america service group's prison health services and correctional medical services the two leaders in correctional health care in the country. they have a corporate office in brentwood tn. but have several contracts for jails in california.alameda county for one. they are an excellent employer for nurses and use per-diem rn's at most of their sites.good luck
  6. by   apoppyfield
    Does anyone know if the 975 hour cap applies to state hospitals as well or to just prisons? Also, anyone know which registries will be providing placement for the new state hospital in Stockton?