1. On my second week of orientation to the different units in the jail....was told that
    1. In the jail....nurses dont carry malpractice insurance because they have their own attorneys.....have you ever heard of this?
    2. Had to deal with a lot of nosey nurses asking me about...how long have you been a nurse.....where have you worked...what shift you work.....do you have a husband and how many kids you have....why chose to work in the jail......what unit have you worked....
    3. I am on my second week and was told that we wont know the shift and unit where we will be working till the end of the five week rotation to all the floors
    4.Is it normal that in psych unit at the jail...the nurses dont chart every shift till there is any signifcant change in the patients condition...when i asked why....i was told that the nurses go on deposition a lot so as much as possible they try not to chart...isnt that the reverse?
    5. I wear my id while working here at the jail...but i dont see any nurses wearing ID so I am taking off my id today....our ims are here for murder....rape.. failure to register as sex offenders...armed robbery....child molesters....domestic violence....we average 250 ims a shift and I will be triaging them tonight...

    Thanks so much for your replies...
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